Stamping Through Stencils

The idea popped into my head the other day to try stamping through a stencil. The stencil I have of three cats seemed the best option out of the stencils I have, and after the first one worked reasonably well, I decided to do a card of each of them. I used the Dragonfly Garden set of Majestic/Card-io stamps, as I thought small stamps would work better.

The first card looks as if I’ve made an error and stamped over the edge of the stencil, but it’s part of the image. It didn’t look great, so on the one other cat that has that little part, I covered it over.


Artist Trading Cards

Had a play at some ATCs. (They look better than this IRL!)

I used Imagination Craft’s Starlights paint and structure paste, then Brushos. Didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do when I started, I just made it up as I went along, but they’re not too bad.

These are fun to make and give you an opportunity to experiment without ruining a canvas or a card.

Stampin’ It

Spent a pleasant hour yesterday batch-making cards, using stamps that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years! (That goes for the ink pads, too; I’m surprised they haven’t dried up, to be honest.) Seeing similar cards on Pinterest reminded me I had them and prompted me to use them again.

The ‘Press To Impress’ stamp press was only used for the sentiment in this case (the others are very small, and it wasn’t really important if the whole image didn’t show up), but it’s a great tool and I feel sure I’m going to be using my stamps a lot more now I have it. Such a simple idea, and it makes stamping accessible again, especially with bigger stamps where there was always a bit missing, with no way of fixing it. Well done, whoever first came up with the idea!

The Bag of Nails, Bristol

I’ve had a few days away, visiting a friend who lives in Weston Super Mare. As the train goes through Bristol, we met there and went to our favourite pub, the Bag of Nails. It’s a tiny real-ale pub (by tiny, I mean if a dozen people are in there, it’s heaving!), which has a number of cats living there. It’s their home, it’s not like a cat cafe or somewhere trying to rehome cats. Most of them are either black or tabby, like Absinthe here, distressing a box…

but one stands out – Wolfgang (who I keep calling Mozart, for some reason!), whose mother is a tabby and whose father is a random Siamese. When we first saw him, he was around three months old and much lighter in colour than he is now. Those eyes, though… he is handsome and he is fully aware of it!

If you’re ever in Bristol, go visit the Bag of Nails; it’s a lovely, friendly little pub (no children allowed, though – or dogs, for obvious reasons – and take cash as they don’t accept credit cards), fuss the cats, listen to records and play with the various games scattered liberally around the place!

Blossoming Trees

After seeing the canvas in the reblogged post, I decided to have a go at something like that. I have a stack of paper flowers that I’ve bought over the years, so I used those instead of making some. The one on the right was the first one, and I was so pleased with it I decided to make another! I’ve decided the right-hand one is early morning, the left-hand one is afternoon… 😁

7in x 5in canvas board
Structure paste
Watercolour spray paints

Stunning Canvas Art

This looks lovely, and so simple to do!

Lindy's Gang

Hello everyone!  It’s Tanya here.
Today I would like to show you my new canvas. I created it with amazing colors from Lindy’s Stamp Gang January Color Challenge and same color magicals.
The color palette is very inspiration!

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products used:

Mad Hatter Mint (Starburst)
Treasure Island Turquoise (Moon Shadow Mist)
Open Arms Amethyst (Starburst)
Bodacious Blush (Starburst)
Pearlescence (Glitz Spritz)

Dark Chocolate Truffle
Milk Chocolate Brown
Blazing Black

Surface texture on the tree I created using texture paste and magicals

Many flowers…)

And step-by-step video tutorials

Wishing you lots of inspiration!

Have a great day!

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Going Wrong

So today there was a disaster. Well, that may be overstating it, I suppose, but nevertheless, something that was going quite well suddenly went wrong.

It seems that repositionable tape doesn’t necessarily like cards!

Still, on a positive note, I have plenty of blank cards, and now I have a spare envelope… 😁

Autumnal Cats

I made this one for my sister’s birthday, although after I’d taken the photo I added a bow to the middle cat (and forgot to take another pic!).

The sister said she loved it, which was a relief 😅

This seems to be a great medium for using up scraps of things – all crafters have odds and ends left over from projects, and mixed media is looking like a great way to use them up instead of throwing them away.


Hi, I’m Laura.

On this page I’ll be sharing some of the items I’ve made/created/taken, be it handcrafted cards, photos or mixed media art – and maybe other things, too, if I suddenly decide to have a go at something!

At the moment I’m trying to make plenty of mixed media canvases for a local fayre, in an attempt to sell some. Having worked in finance for a long time, I’d like to move completely away from that, and if I can make some money from doing something creative, so much the better.

The canvas above is small, 7in x 5in, and will most likely be a one-off – the little flower pots are something I bought quite possibly ten years ago, for card making, and (obviously!) never used. I have no idea whether I can get any more now…