Stamping Through Stencils

The idea popped into my head the other day to try stamping through a stencil. The stencil I have of three cats seemed the best option out of the stencils I have, and after the first one worked reasonably well, I decided to do a card of each of them. I used the Dragonfly Garden set of Majestic/Card-io stamps, as I thought small stamps would work better.

The first card looks as if I’ve made an error and stamped over the edge of the stencil, but it’s part of the image. It didn’t look great, so on the one other cat that has that little part, I covered it over.


Stampin’ It

Spent a pleasant hour yesterday batch-making cards, using stamps that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years! (That goes for the ink pads, too; I’m surprised they haven’t dried up, to be honest.) Seeing similar cards on Pinterest reminded me I had them and prompted me to use them again.

The ‘Press To Impress’ stamp press was only used for the sentiment in this case (the others are very small, and it wasn’t really important if the whole image didn’t show up), but it’s a great tool and I feel sure I’m going to be using my stamps a lot more now I have it. Such a simple idea, and it makes stamping accessible again, especially with bigger stamps where there was always a bit missing, with no way of fixing it. Well done, whoever first came up with the idea!

Going Wrong

So today there was a disaster. Well, that may be overstating it, I suppose, but nevertheless, something that was going quite well suddenly went wrong.

It seems that repositionable tape doesn’t necessarily like cards!

Still, on a positive note, I have plenty of blank cards, and now I have a spare envelope… 😁