Blossoming Trees

After seeing the canvas in the reblogged post, I decided to have a go at something like that. I have a stack of paper flowers that I’ve bought over the years, so I used those instead of making some. The one on the right was the first one, and I was so pleased with it I decided to make another! I’ve decided the right-hand one is early morning, the left-hand one is afternoon… 😁

7in x 5in canvas board
Structure paste
Watercolour spray paints


Autumnal Cats

I made this one for my sister’s birthday, although after I’d taken the photo I added a bow to the middle cat (and forgot to take another pic!).

The sister said she loved it, which was a relief 😅

This seems to be a great medium for using up scraps of things – all crafters have odds and ends left over from projects, and mixed media is looking like a great way to use them up instead of throwing them away.


Hi, I’m Laura.

On this page I’ll be sharing some of the items I’ve made/created/taken, be it handcrafted cards, photos or mixed media art – and maybe other things, too, if I suddenly decide to have a go at something!

At the moment I’m trying to make plenty of mixed media canvases for a local fayre, in an attempt to sell some. Having worked in finance for a long time, I’d like to move completely away from that, and if I can make some money from doing something creative, so much the better.

The canvas above is small, 7in x 5in, and will most likely be a one-off – the little flower pots are something I bought quite possibly ten years ago, for card making, and (obviously!) never used. I have no idea whether I can get any more now…